Ok folks, if you’re reading this blog and thinking “boy howdy, that sounds a like a good idea.  I should start adding that to my practice” or “Wow, why doesn’t my instructor do this?!  I’m going to tell him that Tom Marker has the superior method” I have a really big disclaimer for you.  So big, I’m going to wrap it around a set of <H1> tags.

clears throat, taps on mic until it creates feedback


Me, telegraphing a left leg kick with a loosely formed right fist. At least I'm standing up straight.
Me, telegraphing a left leg kick with a loosely formed right fist. At least I’m standing up straight.

No, I’m not trying to be #humble, I fully embrace my current level of suckiness. I’ve been doing this since 1998. If you’ve only been doing this for 6 months, that might sound like a lot, but I train with people who have uniforms older than that. It’s a blip in the training time of someone who has spent a lifetime refining and developing their skill. They don’t have a fancy blog because they probably don’t need one.

The thing is, we all suck at this.  We’re just at varying levels of suck, and at various levels of awareness of how much we suck.

also, a 26 BMI and could use a shave. I did this in public?!
fingers open, hips overrotated, slightly off-balance. yup, nailed it!

My practice contradicts my written words. Read what I say and you might think I’ve got it all figured out.


At best, I have a relatively good idea about what it is I suck at. Being conscious of your incompetence is so awesome guys, because you totally don’t ever ever worry about the fact that you call yourself a karate teacher and still can’t do a decent low block.

if someone could tell me that i still can't do fundamental techniques correctly despite teaching them on a regular basis, I would be soooo happy.
it’s a little wordy to be a popular meme.

Oooookay then… So what’s the point of having a blog?

Think of it as an exercise of “conducting one’s education in public” or “thinking out loud.”

Or, if you’re a little more pessimistic: “stumbling around in a dark room in the hopes of reaching a false goal while blissfully ignoring all the great lessons along the way.”

But here’s the thing.  I’m getting better.  I read, research and practice relentlessly.  When I come up with something good, I feel compelled to share it.  Sometimes, I post something, read it six months later, and cringe.  But I can grow from it and improve.  Some poor souls have decided to have me as their instructor and have chosen to go along on this crazy ride with me.